Freedom from Addictions

Do you feel like something has taken control of your life? Has what maybe started out as an escape or even something good become harmful, and you are facing consequences you just didn’t see coming? It comes in many forms, but we call these seemingly uncontrollable desires addictions. 

This may describe your life or the life of someone you know. If that’s true I hope you will understand two things. First- you are not alone. All of us have felt the pull of desires that pull us down, and none of us has said no every time. You also aren’t alone in the sense that there people out there who love you and want to help without judging you. 

Secondly- please understand that you can change. You might feel like you’re too far in, but remember “with God all things are possible”- Matthew 19:26. There is new life because Jesus rose from the dead. There is power that comes in that new life as God Himself lives in you. You have never gone beyond God’s ability to forgive and change you.

With that in mind, First Baptist Church is going to begin hosting a group to help people experience the power of God to change their lives. It’s called Crossroads, a Step by Step Guide Away from Addiction.

To see when our next meeting is look for Freedom from Addictions Ministry on our Events page.

Crossroads Addiction Recovery